Andrew Pranger is a working painter and print-maker originally from Richmond, Virginia. He studied Fine Art Painting at the University of Brighton, one of England’s most well respected institutions, and graduated with honors.  His work has been shown with many respected galleries and organizations throughout the US and England and sells privately as well. He started two collectives of young artists who found disused spaces in towns and turned them into temporary “pop up” galleries, gaining rave reviews from local and national art publications as well as the public. After years of living in Europe he returned to the US and currently lives in Eagle, Colorado where he is President of the Vail Valley Art Guild.

His work focuses on the engagement with the relationship between medium and idea. He attempts to show attention to the details of applying paint that takes into account the rich tradition of oil painting. Working within a highly figurative and traditional context, his work seeks to question the roles of painterly realism in relation to modern mass-media spectacle. His paintings deal with hubris and failure, yet attempt to maintain a lightness of touch and self-deprecating humor that preserves the difficult balance between the profound and the approachable. Pranger uses the language of portraiture to draw in viewers but corrupts and perverts understanding of the work on display. The identity of the figure, is beside the point.

andrew pranger art
andrew pranger art

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